• The 12th International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications, 8th-11th August 2019, Shenyang, China.
  • The Kindergarten Science and Technology Exhibition at kindergarten of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 30th May 2019.
  • The 2nd China-Denmark Bio-inspired Engineering Seminar, 17th April 2019, Nanjing, China.


  • The 7th ” Tiangong Cup ” of postgradute innovative experiment competition, 30th November 2018, China.
  • IYCBE2018- International Youth Conference of Bionic Engineering,  7th-9th November 2018, Danemark.
  • Disseminate robot control technology and introduce the MORF robot of the project to students at the Bionic Technology course at NUAA
  • China-Denmark Bio-inspired Engineering Seminar, 15th October 2018, Nanjing, China.
  • Present Modular Robot Frame Work (MORF) and Neuromechanical Control Software at the second Jiangsu artificial intelligence innovation and entrepreneurship competition, 13th October, 2018, Nanjing, China.
  • Student internship : Arthicha Srisuchinnawong, Natthiphong Yaidi, Kittipod Punthai, Thanat Ngamwongsakollert, Bachelor students from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand, did two-month internship under the NEUTRON project.