Lilibot is a small-sized and lightweight quadruped robot developed by NEUTRON. It was designed as a friendly quadrupedal platform with unique characteristics, including light weight, easy handling, modular components, and multiple real-time sensory feedback. Its modular components can be flexibly reconfigured to obtain features such as different leg orientations for testing the effectiveness and generalization of self-organized locomotion control. Its multiple sensory feedback (i.e., joint angles, joint velocities, joint currents, joint voltages, and body inclination) can support vestibular reflexes and compliant control mechanisms for body posture stabilization and compliant behavior, respectively. These features allow Lilibot to be an ideal scientific tool to study adaptive neural control for versatile self-organized locomotion of quadruped robots. In addition, It also can serve as a generic quadrupedal platform for research and education in the fields of locomotion, vestibular reflex-based, and compliant control. (